Salsiccia (pronunciation: sallsicha) is usually a sausage made mainly of pork, even more specifically pork. According to the Italian region, various other meats may also be present. In addition, wine and different spices and herbal remedies could be included. In the south of Italy you will see rather razor-sharp salsiccias. From the look plus the taste you can evaluate it with German Mettwurst, as they are produced for example in Thuringia or Nuremberg. In Sicily and other areas, it really is rolled up as a snail. In Lombardy it is known as luganega and in the Basilicata area as Salsiccia lucanica .


Salsiccia is sold as a fresh sausage beneath the brand Salsisicca fresca or as an air-dried variant. In the fresh sausage you can utilize the sausage meat as a pass on or as a meats deposit in pasta sauces. As well in Risottos it is desired in Italy. If the Salsiccia sold as a band, you will see the name part curva . You can also find pancetta in the standard, somewhat curved sausage form, as offered by our spouse Antica Macelleria Falorni in Greve in Chianti.


Salsiccia fresca can be ideal for making pasta sauces. The practical thing is that she is already flavored and for that reason this work decreases. Of lessons you can Salsiccia likewise for filling pasta make use of as ravioli or cannelloni. Nonetheless it isn’t just suited to pasta, also for stuffing fruit and vegetables (zucchini or peppers) or as meats in soups, eg tomato soup. Or you incorporate bold German and Italian cuisine and served in the wintertime salsiccia with kale. More concepts are welcome!

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